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General links that aren't default links.

Instances of this class just provide link data. The class is also known as 'Link' to make it nice to use when defining menus.

Method __init__ Create a new link to 'target' with 'text' as the link text.
def __init__(self, target, text, summary=None, icon=None, enabled=True, site=None, menu=None, hidden=False):
Create a new link to 'target' with 'text' as the link text.

'target' is a relative path, an absolute path, or an absolute url.

'text' is the link text of this link.

'summary' is the summary text of this link.

The 'enabled' argument is boolean for whether this link is enabled.

The 'icon' is the name of the icon to use, or None if there is no icon. This is currently unused in the Actions menu, but will likely be used when menu links are embedded in the page (bug 5313).

The 'site' is None for whatever the current site is, and 'main' or 'blueprint' for a specific site.

ParametersmenuThe sub menu used by the page that the link represents.
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