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A (partial) sequence impementation which maintains two sequences: A publicly visible one and a "shadow" sequence.

Background: StormRangeFactory.getSlice() returns a sequence of records which is used in lazr.batchnavigator.Batchnavigator and in lazr.batchnavigator.z3batching.Batch.

This slice is passed back by Batch.nextBatch() and Batch.prevBatch() to StormRangeFactory.getEndpointMemos().

StormRangeFactory can work with DecoratedResultSets, which means that the data required to create the memo values may only be available in the plain, undecorated, result set.

This class allows to maintain the values needed by BachNavigator and Batch as well as the values needed by StormRangeFactory.getEndpointMemos().

It implements only those parts of the sequence protocol needed by BatchNavigator and Batch.

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method __len__ See list.
Method __getslice__ See list.
Method __getitem__ See list.
Method __add__ See list.
Method __iter__ See list.
Method reverse Undocumented
def __init__(self, values, shadow_values):
def __len__(self):
See list.
def __getslice__(self, start, end):
See list.
def __getitem__(self, index):
See list.
def __add__(self, other):
See list.
def __iter__(self):
See list.
def reverse(self):
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