l.s.t.processmonitor : module documentation

Part of lp.services.twistedsupport

Helpers for running a child process and communicating things about it.
Class ProcessProtocolWithTwoStageKill Support for interrupting, then killing if necessary, processes.
Class ProcessMonitorProtocol Support for running a process and reporting on its progress.
Class ProcessMonitorProtocolWithTimeout Support for killing a monitored process after a period of inactivity.
Function run_process_with_timeout Run the given process with the specificed timeout.
Class ProcessWithTimeout Run a process and capture its output while applying a timeout.
def run_process_with_timeout(args, timeout=5, clock=None):
Run the given process with the specificed timeout.
Parametersargstuple with the command-line arguments.
timeoutcommand timeout in seconds, defaults to 5.
clockPassed to ProcessMonitorProtocolWithTimeout.__init__.
Returnsa Deferred of the spawed process using ProcessMonitorProtocolWithTimeout
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