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Module cronscript-crash Cronscript that raises an unhandled exception.
Module example-cronscript An example cronscript. If it runs, it returns 42 as its return code.
Module loglevels Parse logging command line arguments and output some log messages.
Module test_all_scripts Check the integrity of the /scripts and /cronscripts.
Module test_cronscript_enabled Test the cronscript_enabled function in scripts/base.py.
Module test_doc Run the doctests and pagetests.
Module test_feature_controller Test feature controller in scripts.
Module test_logger Runn test_logger.txt.
Module test_rundoctests Undocumented
Module _pythonpath Undocumented

From the __init__.py module:

Function find_lp_scripts Find all scripts/ and cronscripts/ files in the current tree.
Function run_script Run a script for testing purposes.
def find_lp_scripts():
Find all scripts/ and cronscripts/ files in the current tree.

Skips filename starting with '_' or not ending with '.py' or listed in the KNOWN_BROKEN blacklist.

def run_script(script_relpath, args, expect_returncode=0, extra_env=None):
Run a script for testing purposes.
Parametersscript_relpathThe relative path to the script, from the tree root.
argsArguments to provide to the script.
expect_returncodeThe return code expected. If a different value is returned, and exception will be raised.
extra_envA dictionary of extra environment variables to provide to the script, or None.
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