l.s.p.tests : module documentation

Part of lp.services.profile

Tests for lp.services.profile.

See doc.txt for an end-user description of the functionality.

Class SQLDSLTest Undocumented
Class BaseTest No class docstring; 4/4 methods documented
Class TestCleanupProfiler Add a tearDown that will cleanup the profiler if it is running.
Class TestRequestStartHandler Tests for the start handler of the profiler integration.
Class BaseRequestEndHandlerTest Undocumented
Class TestBasicRequestEndHandler Tests for the end-request handler.
Class TestCallgrindProfilerRequestEndHandler Tests for the callgrind results.
Class TestPStatsProfilerRequestEndHandler Tests for the pstats results.
Class TestBothProfilersRequestEndHandler Undocumented
Class TestMemoryProfilerRequestEndHandler Tests for the end-request handler of the memory profile.
Class TestOOPSRequestEndHandler Tests for the end-request handler of the OOPS output.
Class TestBeforeTraverseHandler Undocumented
Class TestInlineProfiling Undocumented
Class TestSqlLogging Undocumented
Function test_suite Return the IBugTarget TestSuite.
def test_suite():
Return the IBugTarget TestSuite.
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