l.s.o.m.b.BaseStormOpenIDStore(OpenIDStore) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.services.openid.model.openidconsumer.OpenIDConsumerStore

An association store for the OpenID Provider.
Method storeAssociation See OpenIDStore.
Method getAssociation See OpenIDStore.
Method removeAssociation See OpenIDStore.
Method useNonce See OpenIDStore.
Method cleanupAssociations See OpenIDStore.
def storeAssociation(self, server_url, association):
See OpenIDStore.
def getAssociation(self, server_url, handle=None):
See OpenIDStore.
def removeAssociation(self, server_url, handle):
See OpenIDStore.
def useNonce(self, server_url, timestamp, salt):
See OpenIDStore.
def cleanupAssociations(self):
See OpenIDStore.
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