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No class docstring
Method get Undocumented
Method fromText See IMessageSet.
Class Method decode Undocumented
Method fromEmail See IMessageSet.fromEmail.
Method _decode_header Decode an RFC 2047 encoded header.
def get(self, rfc822msgid):
def fromText(self, subject, content, owner=None, datecreated=None, rfc822msgid=None):
See IMessageSet.
def decode(self, encoded, encoding):
def _decode_header(self, header):

Decode an RFC 2047 encoded header.

>>> MessageSet()._decode_header('=?iso-8859-1?q?F=F6=F6_b=E4r?=')
u'F\xf6\xf6 b\xe4r'

If the header isn't encoded properly, the characters that can't be decoded are replaced with unicode question marks.

>>> MessageSet()._decode_header('=?utf-8?q?F=F6?=')
def fromEmail(self, email_message, owner=None, filealias=None, parsed_message=None, create_missing_persons=False, fallback_parent=None, date_created=None, restricted=False):
See IMessageSet.fromEmail.
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