l.s.m.tests : package documentation

Part of lp.services.mailman

Test helpers for mailman integration.
Module test_integration Test the compliation and configuration of the Lp mailman instance.
Module test_lphandler Test the LaunchpadMember monekypatches
Module test_lpheaders Test the lpheaders monekypatches
Module test_lpmoderate Test the lpmoderate monekypatches
Module test_lpsize Test the lpsize monekypatches
Module test_lpstanding Test the lpstanding monekypatches
Module test_mlist_sync Test the mlist-sync script.
Module test_mm_cfg Test the Launchpad defaults monekypatch and mm_cfg.
Module test_xmlrpcrunner Test the Launchpad XMLRPC runner.

From the __init__.py module:

Class MailmanTestCase TestCase with factory and mailman support.
Function fake_mailinglist_api_proxy Undocumented
Function get_mailing_list_api_test_proxy Undocumented
def get_mailing_list_api_test_proxy():
def fake_mailinglist_api_proxy():
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