l.s.m.monkeypatches : package documentation

Part of lp.services.mailman

Install Launchpad integration code into the Mailman module.
Module defaults Undocumented
Module lphandler A global pipeline handler for determining Launchpad membership.
Module lpheaders A global pipeline handler for inserting Launchpad specific headers.
Module lpmoderate A pipeline handler for holding list non-members postings for approval.
Module lpsize A pipeline handler for checking message sizes.
Module lpstanding A pipeline handler for moderating Launchpad users based on standing.
Module xmlrpcrunner XMLRPC runner for querying Launchpad.

From the __init__.py module:

Function monkey_patch Monkey-patch an installed Mailman 2.1 tree.
def monkey_patch(mailman_path, config):
Monkey-patch an installed Mailman 2.1 tree.

Rather than maintain a forked tree of Mailman 2.1, we apply a set of changes to an installed Mailman tree. This tree can be found rooted at mailman_path.

This should usually mean just copying a file from this directory into mailman_path. Rather than build a lot of process into the mix, just hard code each transformation here.

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