l.s.m.i.IMailHandler(Interface) : interface documentation

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Handles incoming mail sent to a specific email domain.

For example, in email address '1@bugs.launchpad.ubuntu.com', 'bugs.launchpad.ubuntu.com' is the email domain.

The handler should be registered as a named utility, with the domain it handles as the name.

Bool allow_unknown_users Undocumented
Method process Processes a ISignedMessage
allow_unknown_users =
def process(signed_msg, to_address, filealias, log=None):
Processes a ISignedMessage

The 'to_address' is the address the mail was sent to. The 'filealias' is an ILibraryFileAlias. The 'log' is the logger to be used.

Return False if to_address does not exist/is bad. Return True if the mesage was processed, successfully or unsuccessfully. This includes user or input errors. Programming errors should cause exceptions to be raised.

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