l.s.l.i.ILibraryFileAliasWithParent(ILibraryFileAlias) : interface documentation

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A ILibraryFileAlias that knows about its parent.
Method createToken Create a token allowing time-limited access to this file.

Inherited from ILibraryFileAlias:

Int id Undocumented
Datetime date_created Undocumented
Attribute content Library file content
TextLine filename Undocumented
TextLine mimetype Undocumented
Datetime expires When file can be removed. Set to None if the file
Int hits Undocumented
Datetime last_downloaded Undocumented
Bool restricted If the file is restricted, it can only be retrieved through the restricted librarian.
Attribute deleted Is this file deleted.
Attribute http_url The http URL to this file
Attribute https_url The https URL to this file
Attribute private_url The secure URL to this file (private files)
Method getURL Return this file's http or https URL.
Method open Open this file for reading.
Method read Read up to chunksize bytes from the file.
Method close Close this file.
Method updateDownloadCount Update this file's download count for the given country and day.
def createToken(self):
Create a token allowing time-limited access to this file.
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