l.s.l.c.RestrictedLibrarianClient(LibrarianClient) : class documentation

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See IRestrictedLibrarianClient.
Method upload_host Undocumented
Method upload_port Undocumented
Method download_url Undocumented
Method _internal_download_url Used by _getURLForDownload.

Inherited from FileUploadClient (via LibrarianClient):

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method addFile Add a file to the librarian.
Method remoteAddFile See IFileUploadClient.
Method _connect Connect this client.
Method _close Close connection
Method _checkError Undocumented
Method _sendLine Undocumented
Method _sendHeader Undocumented
Method _getDatabaseName Undocumented

Inherited from FileDownloadClient (via LibrarianClient):

Method getURLForAlias Returns the url for talking to the librarian about the given
Method getURLForAliasObject Return the download URL for a LibraryFileAlias.
Method getFileByAlias See IFileDownloadClient.
Method _getAlias Retrieve the LibraryFileAlias with the given id.
Method _checkAliasAccess Verify that alias can be accessed.
Method _getPathForAlias Returns the path inside the librarian to talk about the given
Method _getPathForAliasObject Returns the Librarian path for a LibraryFileAlias.
Method _getBaseURL Get the base URL to use for alias.
Method _getURLForDownload Returns the internal librarian URL for the alias.
Method _connect_read Helper for getFileByAlias.
def upload_host(self):
def upload_port(self):
def download_url(self):
def _internal_download_url(self):
Used by _getURLForDownload.
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