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Known subclasses: lp.bugs.browser.bugattachment.BugAttachmentFileNavigation, lp.code.browser.diff.PreviewDiffNavigation, lp.code.browser.sourcepackagerecipebuild.SourcePackageRecipeBuildNavigation, lp.snappy.browser.snapbuild.SnapBuildNavigation, lp.soyuz.browser.archive.ArchiveNavigation, lp.soyuz.browser.build.BuildNavigation, lp.soyuz.browser.livefsbuild.LiveFSBuildNavigation, lp.soyuz.browser.publishing.SourcePackagePublishingHistoryNavigation, lp.soyuz.browser.queue.PackageUploadNavigation

Navigate to LibraryFileAlias hosted in a context.

The navigation goes through +files/<filename> where file reference is provided by context getFileByName(filename).

The requested file is proxied via LibraryFileAliasView, making it possible to serve both public and restricted files.

This navigation approach only supports domains with unique filenames, which is the case of IArchive and IBuild. It will probably have to be extended in order to allow traversing to multiple files potentially with the same filename (product files or bug attachments).

Method traverse_files Traverse on filename in the archive domain.
def traverse_files(self, filename):
Traverse on filename in the archive domain.
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