l.s.f.t.MemoryFeatureFixture(FeatureFixtureMixin, Fixture) : class documentation

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A fixture that sets a feature in an in-memory feature controller.

The fixture takes a dictionary as its constructor argument. The keys of
the dictionary are features to be set. All existing flags will be cleared.

Call the fixture's `setUp()' method to install the features with the
desired values.  Calling `cleanUp()' will restore the original values.
You can also install this fixture by inheriting from
`fixtures.TestWithFixtures' and then calling the TestCase's
`self.useFixture()' method.

The fixture can also be used as a context manager. The value of the
feature within the context block is set to the dictionary's key's value.
The values are restored when the block exits.
Method makeRuleSource Undocumented

Inherited from FeatureFixtureMixin:

Method __init__ Constructor.
Method makeNewRules Make a set of new feature flag rules.
Method _setUp Set the feature flags that this fixture is responsible for.
def makeRuleSource(self, rules):
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