l.s.d.tests : package documentation

Part of lp.services.database

The lp.services.database.tests package.
Module enumeration Test enumerations used for enumcol doctests.
Module script_isolation Script run from test_isolation.py to confirm transaction isolation
Module test_bulk Test the bulk database functions.
Module test_collection Tests for Collection.
Module test_connectionstring Undocumented
Module test_decoratedresultset Test harness for running decoratedresultset.txt.
Module test_doc Run the doctests.
Module test_isolation Tests of the isolation module.
Module test_isolation_changes Tests confirming that changing isolation levels does what we expect.
Module test_postgresql Undocumented
Module test_rundoctests Undocumented
Module test_sqlbase Undocumented
Module test_storm Launchpad specific tests of Storm behaviour.
Module test_transaction_decorators No module docstring; 1/1 classes documented
Module test_transaction_policy Test TransactionPolicy.
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