l.r.s.t.test_populate_distroseriesdiff : module documentation

Part of lp.registry.scripts.tests

Test the populate-distroseriesdiff script.
Class FactoryHelper Some helper methods for making stuff that only make sense here.
Class TestFindLatestSourcePackageReleases Test finding of latest `SourcePackageRelease`s for a series' packages.
Class TestFindDifferences Test the finding of differences between a distroseries and parent.
Class TestDifferenceTypeExpression No class docstring; 1/6 methods documented
Class TestFindDerivedSeries Test finding of all derived DistroSeries.
Class TestPopulateDistroSeriesDiff Test populate_distroseriesdiff.
Class FakeDSD Undocumented
Class TestDSDUpdater Test the poignant parts of BaseVersionFixer.
Class TestPopulateDistroSeriesDiffScript Test the populate-distroseriesdiff script.
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