l.r.i.poll : module documentation

Part of lp.registry.interfaces

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Class PollNameField Undocumented
Class PollAlgorithm The algorithm used to accept and calculate the results.
Class PollSecrecy The secrecy of a given Poll.
Class PollStatus This class stores the constants used when searching for polls.
Interface IPoll A poll for a given proposition in a team.
Interface IPollSet The set of Poll objects.
Interface IPollSubset The set of Poll objects for a given team.
Class PollOptionNameField Undocumented
Interface IPollOption An option to be voted in a given Poll.
Interface IPollOptionSet The set of PollOption objects.
Interface IVoteCast Here we store who voted in a Poll, but not their votes.
Interface IVoteCastSet The set of all VoteCast objects.
Interface IVote Here we store the vote itself, linked to a special token.
Class OptionIsNotFromSimplePoll Someone tried use an option from a non-SIMPLE poll as if it was from a
Interface IVoteSet The set of all Vote objects.
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