l.r.i.mailinglist : module documentation

Part of lp.registry.interfaces

Mailing list interfaces.
Interface IMailingListApplication Mailing lists application root.
Class MailingListStatus Team mailing list status.
Class PostedMessageStatus The status of a posted message.
Interface IMailingList A mailing list.
Interface IMailingListSet A set of mailing lists.
Interface IMailingListAPIView XMLRPC API that Mailman polls for mailing list actions.
Interface IMailingListSubscription A mailing list subscription.
Interface IMessageApproval A held message.
Interface IMessageApprovalSet Sets of held message.
Interface IHeldMessageDetails Details on a held message.
Class BaseSubscriptionErrors Base class for subscription exceptions.
Class CannotSubscribe The subscriber is not allowed to subscribe to the mailing list.
Class CannotUnsubscribe The person cannot unsubscribe from the mailing list.
Class CannotChangeSubscription The subscription change cannot be fulfilled.
Class UnsafeToPurge It is not safe to purge this mailing list.
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