l.r.i.distributionmirror : module documentation

Part of lp.registry.interfaces

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Class MirrorContent The content that is mirrored.
Class MirrorSpeed The speed of a given mirror.
Class MirrorFreshness The freshness of a given mirror's content.
Class MirrorStatus The status of a mirror.
Class DistributionMirrorNameField Undocumented
Class DistroMirrorURIField Base class for the DistributionMirror unique URI fields.
Class DistroMirrorHTTPURIField Undocumented
Class DistroMirrorFTPURIField Undocumented
Class DistroMirrorRsyncURIField Undocumented
Class UnableToFetchCDImageFileList Couldn't fetch the file list needed for probing cdimage mirrors.
Interface IDistributionMirrorSet The set of DistributionMirrors
Interface IMirrorDistroArchSeries The mirror of the packages of a given Distro Arch Series
Interface IMirrorDistroSeriesSource The mirror of a given Distro Series
Interface IMirrorCDImageDistroSeries The mirror of a given CD/DVD image
Interface IMirrorProbeRecord A record stored when a mirror is probed.
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