l.r.i.accesspolicy : module documentation

Part of lp.registry.interfaces

Interfaces for pillar and artifact access policies.
Interface IAccessArtifact An artifact that has its own access control rules.
Interface IAccessArtifactGrant A grant for a person or team to access an artifact.
Interface IAccessPolicy A policy to govern access to a category of a project's artifacts.
Interface IAccessPolicyArtifact An association between an artifact and a policy.
Interface IAccessPolicyGrant A grant for a person or team to access all of a policy's artifacts.
Interface IAccessArtifactSource No interface docstring; 3/3 methods documented
Interface IAccessArtifactGrantSource No interface docstring; 4/4 methods documented
Interface IAccessPolicyArtifactSource No interface docstring; 6/6 methods documented
Interface IAccessPolicySource No interface docstring; 7/7 methods documented
Interface IAccessPolicyGrantSource No interface docstring; 5/5 methods documented
Interface IAccessPolicyGrantFlatSource Experimental query utility to search through the flattened schema.
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