l.h.s.t.test_hwdb_submission_processing : module documentation

Part of lp.hardwaredb.scripts.tests

Tests of the HWDB submissions parser.
Function evaluate_property Evaluate a property.
Class TestCaseHWDB Common base class for HWDB processing tests.
Class TestHWDBSubmissionProcessing Tests for processing of HWDB submissions.
Class TestHALDeviceUSBDevices Tests for HALDevice.is_real_device: USB devices.
Class TestUdevDevice Tests of class UdevDevice.
Class TestHWDBSubmissionTablePopulation Tests of the HWDB popoluation with submitted data.
def evaluate_property(value):
Evaluate a property.

This function does nothing in itself; passing it a property evaluates the property. But it lets the code express that the evaluation is all that's needed, without assigning to an unused variable etc.

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