l.h.s.hwdbsubmissions : module documentation

Part of lp.hardwaredb.scripts

Parse Hardware Database submissions.

Base classes, intended to be used both for the commercial certification data and for the community test submissions.

Class SubmissionParser A Parser for the submissions to the hardware database.
Class BaseDevice A base class to represent device data from HAL and udev.
Class HALDevice The representation of a HAL device node.
Class UdevDevice The representation of a udev device node.
Class ProcessingLoopBase An ITunableLoop for processing HWDB submissions.
Class ProcessingLoopForPendingSubmissions Undocumented
Class ProcessingLoopForReprocessingBadSubmissions Undocumented
Function process_pending_submissions Process pending submissions.
Function reprocess_invalid_submissions Reprocess invalid submissions.
def process_pending_submissions(transaction, logger, max_submissions=None, record_warnings=True):
Process pending submissions.

Parse pending submissions, store extracted data in HWDB tables and mark them as either PROCESSED or INVALID.

def reprocess_invalid_submissions(start, transaction, logger, max_submissions=None, record_warnings=True):
Reprocess invalid submissions.

Parse submissions that have been marked as invalid. A newer variant of the parser might be able to process them.

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