l.h.i.hwdb : module documentation

Part of lp.hardwaredb.interfaces

Interfaces related to the hardware database.
Function validate_new_submission_key Check, if submission_key already exists in HWDBSubmission.
Function validate_email_address Validate an email address.
Class HWSubmissionKeyNotUnique Prevent two or more submission with identical submission_key.
Class HWSubmissionProcessingStatus The status of a submission to the hardware database.
Class HWSubmissionFormat The format version of the submitted data.
Interface IHWSubmissionForm The schema used to build the HW submission form.
Interface IHWSubmissionSet The set of HWDBSubmissions.
Interface IHWSystemFingerprint Identifiers of a computer system.
Interface IHWSystemFingerprintSet The set of HWSystemFingerprints.
Interface IHWDriverSet The set of device drivers.
Class HWBus The bus that connects a device to a computer.
Interface IHWVendorName A list of vendor names.
Interface IHWVendorNameSet The set of vendor names.
Interface IHWVendorIDSet The set of vendor IDs.
Interface IHWDeviceClassSet The set of IHWDeviceClass records.
Interface IHWDeviceSet The set of devices.
Interface IHWDeviceNameVariant Variants of a device name.
Interface IHWDeviceNameVariantSet The set of device name variants.
Interface IHWDeviceDriverLink Link a device with a driver.
Interface IHWDeviceDriverLinkSet The set of device driver links.
Interface IHWSubmissionDeviceSet The set of IHWSubmissionDevices.
Interface IHWSubmissionBug Link a HWDB submission to a bug.
Interface IHWSubmissionBugSet The set of IHWSubmissionBugs.
def validate_new_submission_key(submission_key):
Check, if submission_key already exists in HWDBSubmission.
def validate_email_address(emailaddress):
Validate an email address.

Returns True for valid addresses, else raises LaunchpadValidationError. The latter allows convenient error handling by LaunchpadFormView.

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