l.c.s.session : module documentation

Part of lp.codehosting.sshserver

SSH session implementations for the codehosting SSH server.
Class BazaarSSHStarted Undocumented
Class BazaarSSHClosed Undocumented
Class ForbiddenCommand Raised when a session is asked to execute a forbidden command.
Class ForkedProcessTransport Wrap the forked process in a ProcessTransport so we can talk to it.
Class ExecOnlySession Conch session that only allows executing commands.
Class RestrictedExecOnlySession Conch session that only allows specific commands to be executed.
Class ForkingRestrictedExecOnlySession Use the Forking Service instead of spawnProcess.
Function lookup_command_template Map a command to a command template.
Function launch_smart_server Undocumented
Class _WaitForExit Wait on a socket for the exit status.
def lookup_command_template(command):
Map a command to a command template.
ParameterscommandCommand requested by the user
ReturnsCommand template
RaisesForbiddenCommandRaised when command isn't allowed
def launch_smart_server(avatar):
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