l.c.inmemory : module documentation

Part of lp.codehosting

In-memory doubles of core codehosting objects.
Class FakeStore Fake store that implements find well enough to pass tests.
Class FakeResult As with FakeStore, just enough of a result to pass tests.
Class FakeDatabaseObject Base class for fake database objects.
Class ObjectSet Generic set of database objects.
Class BranchSet Extra find methods for branches.
Class FakeSourcePackage Fake ISourcePackage.
Class SourcePackageNameSet Undocumented
Function fake_source_package_to_branch_target Undocumented
Class FakeBranch Fake branch object.
Class FakePerson Fake person object.
Class FakeTeam Fake team.
Class FakeProduct Fake product.
Function fake_product_to_branch_target Adapt a FakeProduct to IBranchTarget.
Function fake_product_to_can_has_linked_branch Adapt a FakeProduct to ICanHasLinkedBranch.
Class FakeProductSeries Fake product series.
Function fake_productseries_to_can_has_linked_branch Adapt a FakeProductSeries to ICanHasLinkedBranch.
Class FakeScriptActivity Fake script activity.
Class FakeDistribution Undocumented
Class FakeDistroSeries Fake distroseries.
Class FakeSourcePackageName Fake SourcePackageName.
Class FakeObjectFactory No class docstring; 2/16 methods documented
Class FakeCodehosting No class docstring; 4/17 methods documented
Class InMemoryFrontend A in-memory 'frontend' to Launchpad's branch services.
Class XMLRPCWrapper Wrapper around the endpoints that emulates an XMLRPC client.
def fake_source_package_to_branch_target(fake_package):
def fake_product_to_branch_target(fake_product):
Adapt a FakeProduct to IBranchTarget.
def fake_product_to_can_has_linked_branch(fake_product):
Adapt a FakeProduct to ICanHasLinkedBranch.
def fake_productseries_to_can_has_linked_branch(fake_productseries):
Adapt a FakeProductSeries to ICanHasLinkedBranch.
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