l.c.c.u.LoggingUIFactory(NoninteractiveUIFactory) : class documentation

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A UI Factory that produces reasonably sparse logging style output.

The goal is to produce a line of output no more often than once a minute (by default).

Method __init__ Construct a LoggingUIFactory.
Method show_user_warning Undocumented
Method show_warning Undocumented
Method get_username Undocumented
Method get_password Undocumented
Method show_message Undocumented
Method note Undocumented
Method show_error Undocumented
Method report_transport_activity Called by transports as they do IO.
Method _progress_updated A task has been updated and wants to be displayed.
Method _progress_all_finished Undocumented
def __init__(self, time_source=time.time, logger=None, interval=60.0):
Construct a LoggingUIFactory.
Parameterstime_sourceA callable that returns time in seconds since the epoch. Defaults to time.time and should be replaced with something deterministic in tests.
loggerThe logger object to write to
intervalDon't produce output more often than once every this many seconds. Defaults to 60 seconds.
def show_user_warning(self, warning_id, **message_args):
def show_warning(self, msg):
def get_username(self, prompt, **kwargs):
def get_password(self, prompt, **kwargs):
def show_message(self, msg):
def note(self, msg):
def show_error(self, msg):
def _progress_updated(self, task):
A task has been updated and wants to be displayed.
def _progress_all_finished(self):
def report_transport_activity(self, transport, byte_count, direction):
Called by transports as they do IO.

This may update a progress bar, spinner, or similar display. By default it does nothing.

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