l.c.x.t.t.DummyMacaroonIssuer(MacaroonIssuerBase) : class documentation

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No class docstring
Method checkIssuingContext See MacaroonIssuerBase.
Method checkVerificationContext See IMacaroonIssuerBase.
Method verifyPrimaryCaveat See MacaroonIssuerBase.

Inherited from MacaroonIssuerBase:

Method identifier See IMacaroonIssuer.
Method issueMacaroon See IMacaroonIssuer.
Method verifyMacaroon See IMacaroonIssuer.
Method _primary_caveat_name The name of the primary context caveat issued by this issuer.
Method _root_secret Undocumented
def checkIssuingContext(self, context, **kwargs):
See MacaroonIssuerBase.
def checkVerificationContext(self, context, **kwargs):
See IMacaroonIssuerBase.
def verifyPrimaryCaveat(self, verified, caveat_value, context, **kwargs):
See MacaroonIssuerBase.
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