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See ICodehostingAPI.
Method acquireBranchToPull See ICodehostingAPI.
Method mirrorFailed See ICodehostingAPI.
Method recordSuccess See ICodehostingAPI.
Method createBranch See ICodehostingAPI.
Method requestMirror See ICodehostingAPI.
Method branchChanged See ICodehostingAPI.
Method performLookup Undocumented
Method translatePath See ICodehostingAPI.
Method _getBranchNamespaceExtras Get the branch namespace, branch name and callback for the path.
Method _canWriteToBranch Can requester write to branch?
Method _serializeBranch Undocumented
Method _serializeControlDirectory Undocumented
def acquireBranchToPull(self, branch_type_names):
See ICodehostingAPI.
def mirrorFailed(self, branch_id, reason):
See ICodehostingAPI.
def recordSuccess(self, name, hostname, started_tuple, completed_tuple):
See ICodehostingAPI.
def _getBranchNamespaceExtras(self, path, requester):
Get the branch namespace, branch name and callback for the path.

If the path defines a full branch path including the owner and branch name, then the namespace that is returned is the namespace for the owner and the branch target specified.

If the path uses an lp short name, then we only allow the requester to create a branch if they have permission to link the newly created branch to the short name target. If there is an existing branch already linked, then BranchExists is raised. The branch name that is used is determined by the namespace as the first unused name starting with 'trunk'.

def createBranch(self, login_id, branch_path):
See ICodehostingAPI.
def _canWriteToBranch(self, requester, branch):
Can requester write to branch?
def requestMirror(self, login_id, branchID):
See ICodehostingAPI.
def branchChanged(self, login_id, branch_id, stacked_on_location, last_revision_id, control_string, branch_string, repository_string):
See ICodehostingAPI.
def _serializeBranch(self, requester, branch, trailing_path, force_readonly=False):
def _serializeControlDirectory(self, requester, lookup):
def performLookup(self, requester, path, lookup):
def translatePath(self, requester_id, path):
See ICodehostingAPI.
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