l.c.b.t.test_branchlisting : module documentation

Part of lp.code.browser.tests

Tests for branch listing.
Class AjaxBatchNavigationMixin Undocumented
Class TestPersonOwnedBranchesView Undocumented
Class TestSimplifiedPersonBranchesView Undocumented
Class TestSimplifiedPersonProductBranchesView Undocumented
Class TestSourcePackageBranchesView Undocumented
Class TestDistributionBranchesView Undocumented
Class TestGroupedDistributionSourcePackageBranchesView Test the groups for the branches of distribution source packages.
Class TestDevelopmentFocusPackageBranches Make sure that the bzr_identity of the branches are correct.
Class TestProductSeriesTemplate Undocumented
Class TestPersonBranchesPage Tests for the person branches page.
Class TestProjectGroupBranches Test for the project group branches page.
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