l.c.b.c.ICodeReviewDisplayComment(IComment, ICodeReviewComment) : interface documentation

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Marker interface for displaying code review comments.

Inherited from IComment:

Int index Undocumented
TextLine extra_css_class A css class to apply to the comment's outer div.
Bool has_body Does the comment have body text?
Bool has_footer Does the comment have a footer?
Bool too_long Undocumented
Bool too_long_to_render Undocumented
Text text_for_display Undocumented
Text body_text The body text of the comment.
Text download_url URL for downloading full text.
Datetime comment_date Undocumented
Bool display_attachments Should attachments be displayed for this comment.
Bool visible Undocumented
Bool show_spam_controls Undocumented

Inherited from ICodeReviewComment:

Object message Undocumented
Method getAttachments Get the attachments from the original message.
Method getOriginalEmail An email object of the original raw email if there was one.
Bool visible Undocumented
Method userCanSetCommentVisibility Can user set the visibility of this comment?
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