l.b.m.p.PackageBuildMixin(BuildFarmJobMixin) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.code.model.sourcepackagerecipebuild.SourcePackageRecipeBuild, lp.snappy.model.snapbuild.SnapBuild, lp.soyuz.model.binarypackagebuild.BinaryPackageBuild, lp.soyuz.model.livefsbuild.LiveFSBuild

No class docstring
Method current_component See IPackageBuild.
Method upload_log_url See IPackageBuild.
Method log_url See IBuildFarmJob.
Method is_private See IBuildFarmJob
Method updateStatus See IBuildFarmJob.
Method verifySuccessfulUpload See IPackageBuild.
Method createUploadLog Creates a file on the librarian for the upload log.
Method storeUploadLog See IPackageBuild.
Method notify See IPackageBuild.
Method getUploader See IPackageBuild.

Inherited from BuildFarmJobMixin:

Method dependencies Undocumented
Method external_dependencies Undocumented
Method title See IBuildFarmJob.
Method duration See IBuildFarmJob.
Method buildqueue_record See IBuildFarmJob.
Method was_built See IBuild
Method build_cookie See IBuildFarmJob.
Method setLog See IBuildFarmJob.
Method gotFailure See IBuildFarmJob.
Method calculateScore See IBuildFarmJob.
Method estimateDuration See IBuildFarmJob.
Method queueBuild See IBuildFarmJob.
def current_component(self):
See IPackageBuild.
def upload_log_url(self):
See IPackageBuild.
def log_url(self):
See IBuildFarmJob.
def is_private(self):
See IBuildFarmJob
def updateStatus(self, status, builder=None, slave_status=None, date_started=None, date_finished=None, force_invalid_transition=False):
See IBuildFarmJob.
def verifySuccessfulUpload(self):
See IPackageBuild.
def createUploadLog(self, content, filename=None):
Creates a file on the librarian for the upload log.
ReturnsILibraryFileAlias for the upload log file.
def storeUploadLog(self, content):
See IPackageBuild.
def notify(self, extra_info=None):
See IPackageBuild.
def getUploader(self, changes):
See IPackageBuild.
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