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See IBugTaskSet.
Method open_bugtask_search See IBugTaskSet.
Method get See IBugTaskSet.
Method getBugTaskTags See IBugTaskSet
Method getBugTaskPeople See IBugTaskSet
Method getBugTaskBadgeProperties See IBugTaskSet.
Method getMultiple See IBugTaskSet.
Method findSimilar See IBugTaskSet.
Method search See IBugTaskSet.
Method searchBugIds See IBugTaskSet.
Method countBugs See IBugTaskSet.
Method getPrecachedNonConjoinedBugTasks See IBugTaskSet.
Method createManyTasks See IBugTaskSet.
Method createTask See IBugTaskSet.
Method getStatusCountsForProductSeries See IBugTaskSet.
Method findExpirableBugTasks See IBugTaskSet.
Method getOpenBugTasksPerProduct See IBugTaskSet.
Method getBugCountsForPackages See IBugTaskSet.
Method getBugTaskTargetMilestones Undocumented
Method _getTargetJoinAndClause Return a SQL join clause to a BugTarget.
Method _getBugCountsForDistribution Get bug counts by package, belonging to the given distribution.
def open_bugtask_search(self):
See IBugTaskSet.
def get(self, task_id):
See IBugTaskSet.
def getBugTaskTags(self, bugtasks):
See IBugTaskSet
def getBugTaskPeople(self, bugtasks):
See IBugTaskSet
def getBugTaskBadgeProperties(self, bugtasks):
See IBugTaskSet.
def getMultiple(self, task_ids):
See IBugTaskSet.
def findSimilar(self, user, summary, product=None, distribution=None, sourcepackagename=None):
See IBugTaskSet.
def search(self, params, *args, **kwargs):
See IBugTaskSet.
Parameters_noprejoinsPrivate internal parameter to BugTaskSet which disables all use of prejoins : consolidated from code paths that claim they were inefficient and unwanted.
def searchBugIds(self, params):
See IBugTaskSet.
def countBugs(self, user, contexts, group_on):
See IBugTaskSet.
def getPrecachedNonConjoinedBugTasks(self, user, milestone_data):
See IBugTaskSet.
def createManyTasks(self, bug, owner, targets, validate_target=True, status=None, importance=None, assignee=None, milestone=None):
See IBugTaskSet.
def createTask(self, bug, owner, target, validate_target=True, status=None, importance=None, assignee=None, milestone=None):
See IBugTaskSet.
def getStatusCountsForProductSeries(self, user, product_series):
See IBugTaskSet.
def findExpirableBugTasks(self, min_days_old, user, bug=None, target=None, limit=None):
See IBugTaskSet.

The list of Incomplete bugtasks is selected from products and distributions that use Launchpad to track bugs. To qualify for expiration, the bug and its bugtasks meet the follow conditions:

  1. The bug is inactive; the last update of the is older than

    Launchpad expiration age.

  2. The bug is not a duplicate.

  3. The bug does not have any other valid bugtasks.

  4. The bugtask belongs to a project with enable_bug_expiration set to True.

  5. The bugtask has the status Incomplete.

  6. The bugtask is not assigned to anyone.

  7. The bugtask does not have a milestone.

Bugtasks cannot transition to Invalid automatically unless they meet all the rules stated above.

This implementation returns the master of the master-slave conjoined pairs of bugtasks. Slave conjoined bugtasks are not included in the list because they can only be expired by calling the master bugtask's transitionToStatus() method. See 'Conjoined Bug Tasks' in c.l.doc/bugtasks.txt.

Only bugtasks the specified user has permission to view are returned. The Janitor celebrity has permission to view all bugs.

def _getTargetJoinAndClause(self, target):
Return a SQL join clause to a BugTarget.
ParameterstargetA supported BugTarget or None. The target param must be either a Distribution, DistroSeries, Product, or ProductSeries. If target is None, the clause joins BugTask to all the supported BugTarget tables.
RaisesNotImplementedErrorIf the target is an IProjectGroup, ISourcePackage, or an IDistributionSourcePackage.
AssertionErrorIf the target is not a known implementer of IBugTarget
def getOpenBugTasksPerProduct(self, user, products):
See IBugTaskSet.
def getBugCountsForPackages(self, user, packages):
See IBugTaskSet.
def _getBugCountsForDistribution(self, user, distribution, packages):
Get bug counts by package, belonging to the given distribution.

See IBugTask.getBugCountsForPackages for more information.

def getBugTaskTargetMilestones(self, bugtasks):
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