l.b.i.e.ISupportsCommentPushing(IExternalBugTracker) : interface documentation

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An external bug tracker that can push comments to the remote tracker.
Method addRemoteComment Push a comment to the remote bug.

Inherited from IExternalBugTracker:

Method getExternalBugTrackerToUse Return the ExternalBugTracker instance to use.
Method getCurrentDBTime Return the current time of the bug tracker's DB server.
Method getModifiedRemoteBugs Return the bug ids that have been modified.
Method initializeRemoteBugDB Do any initialization before each bug watch is updated.
Method convertRemoteStatus Convert a remote status string to a BugTaskStatus item.
Method convertRemoteImportance Convert a remote importance to a BugTaskImportance item.
Method getRemoteProduct Return the remote product for a given remote bug.
def addRemoteComment(remote_bug, comment_body, rfc822msgid):
Push a comment to the remote bug.
Parametersremote_bugThe ID of the bug on the remote tracker to which the comment should be attached.
comment_bodyThe body of the comment to push.
rfc822msgidThe RFC-822 message ID of the comment in Launchpad.
ReturnsThe ID assigned to the comment by the remote bugtracker as a string.
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