l.b.i.bug : module documentation

Part of lp.bugs.interfaces

Interfaces related to bugs.
Class CreateBugParams The parameters used to create a bug.
Class BugNameField Provides a a way to retrieve bugs by name.
Interface IBugBecameQuestionEvent A bug became a question.
Class CreatedBugWithNoBugTasksError Raised when a bug is created with no bug tasks.
Function optional_message_subject_field A modified message subject field allowing None as a value.
Interface IBugPublic Public attributes for a Bug.
Interface IBugView IBug attributes that require launchpad.View permission.
Interface IBugAppend IBug attributes that require launchpad.Append permission.
Interface IBugDelta The quantitative change made to a bug that was edited.
Interface IBugAddForm Information we need to create a bug
Interface IProjectGroupBugAddForm Create a bug for an IProjectGroup.
Interface IFrontPageBugAddForm Create a bug for any bug target.
Interface IBugSet A set of bugs.
Interface IFileBugData A class containing extra data to be used when filing a bug.
Interface IBugMute A mute on an IBug.
def optional_message_subject_field():
A modified message subject field allowing None as a value.
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