l.b.b.t.test_bug_views : module documentation

Part of lp.bugs.browser.tests

Tests for Bug Views.
Class TestPrivateBugLinks Undocumented
Class TestAlsoAffectsLinks Tests the rendering of the Also Affects links on the bug index view.
Class TestEmailObfuscated Test for obfuscated emails on bug pages.
Class TestBugPortletSubscribers Undocumented
Class TestBugSecrecyViews Tests for the Bug secrecy views.
Class TestBugTextViewPrivateTeams Test for rendering BugTextView with private team artifacts.
Class TestBugCanonicalUrl Bugs give a <link rel=canonical> to a standard url.
Class TestBugMessageAddFormView Tests for the add message to bug view.
Class TestBugMarkAsDuplicateView Tests for marking a bug as a duplicate.
Class TestBugActivityView Undocumented
Class TestMainBugView Undocumented
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