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Inherited from IBugTask:

Int id Undocumented
Choice product Undocumented
Attribute productID The product ID
Choice productseries Undocumented
Attribute productseriesID The product series ID
Choice sourcepackagename Undocumented
Attribute sourcepackagenameID The sourcepackagename ID
Choice distribution Undocumented
Attribute distributionID The distribution ID
Choice distroseries Undocumented
Attribute distroseriesID The distroseries ID
Attribute milestoneID The id of the milestone.
Int assigneeID Undocumented
Datetime age The age of this task, expressed as the length of time between the creation date and now.
Int task_age The age of this task in seconds, a delta between now and the date the bug task was created.
Choice pillar The LP pillar (product or distribution) associated with this task.
Attribute other_affected_pillars The other pillars (products or distributions) affected by this bug. This returns a list of pillars OTHER THAN the pillar associated with this particular bug.
Field bug_subscribers Undocumented
Attribute conjoined_master The series-specific bugtask in a conjoined relationship
Attribute conjoined_slave The generic bugtask in a conjoined relationship
Method findSimilarBugs Return the list of possible duplicates for this BugTask.
Method getContributorInfo Is the person a contributor to bugs in this task's pillar?
Method getConjoinedMaster Return the conjoined master in the given bugtasks, if any.
Method subscribe Subscribe this person to the underlying bug.
Method isSubscribed Return True if the person is an explicit subscriber to the
Method transitionToMilestone Set the BugTask milestone.
Method transitionToImportance Set the BugTask importance.
Method canTransitionToStatus Return True if the user is allowed to change the status to
Method transitionToStatus Perform a workflow transition to the new_status.
Method userCanSetAnyAssignee Check if the current user can set anybody sa a bugtask assignee.
Method userCanUnassign Check if the current user can set assignee to None.
Method transitionToAssignee Perform a workflow transition to the given assignee.
Method validateTransitionToTarget Check whether a transition to this target is legal.
Method transitionToTarget Convert the bug task to a different bug target.
Method updateTargetNameCache Update the targetnamecache field in the database.
Method asEmailHeaderValue Return a value suitable for an email header value for this bugtask.
Method getDelta Compute the delta from old_task to this task.
Method getPackageComponent Return the task's package's component or None.
Method userHasDriverPrivileges Does the user have driver privileges on the current bugtask?
Method userHasBugSupervisorPrivileges Is the user privileged and allowed to change details on a bug?
Attribute _status The actual status DB column used in queries.

Inherited from IHasBug (via IBugTask):

Int bug Undocumented

Inherited from IBugTaskDelete (via IBugTask):

Method delete Delete this bugtask.
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