l.b.b.b.BugTaskContextMenu(BugContextMenu) : class documentation

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Context menu of actions that can be performed upon an IBugTask.

Inherited from BugContextMenu:

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method editdescription Return the 'Edit description/tags' Link.
Method visibility Return the 'Set privacy/security' Link.
Method markduplicate Return the 'Mark as duplicate' Link.
Method addupstream Return the 'lso affects project' Link.
Method adddistro Return the 'Also affects distribution/package' Link.
Method subscription Return the 'Subscribe/Unsubscribe' Link.
Method addsubscriber Return the 'Subscribe someone else' Link.
Method editsubscriptions Return the 'Edit subscriptions' Link.
Method mute_subscription Return the 'Mute subscription' Link.
Method nominate Return the 'Target/Nominate for series' Link.
Method addcomment Return the 'Comment or attach file' Link.
Method addbranch Return the 'Add branch' Link.
Method linktocve Return the 'Link to CVE' Link.
Method unlinkcve Return 'Remove CVE link' Link.
Method createquestion Create a question from this bug.
Method removequestion Remove the created question from this bug.
Method activitylog Return the 'Activity log' Link.
Method affectsmetoo Return the 'This bug affects me too' link.
Method _bug_question Undocumented
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