l.a.w.t.t.T.ExampleSuggestionWidget(SuggestionWidget) : class documentation

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Static Method _getSuggestions Undocumented
Method _autoselectOther Undocumented

Inherited from SuggestionWidget:

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method hasInput Is there any input for the widget.
Method getInputValue Return the branch defined by the input value.
Method setRenderedValue This widget does not support setting the value.
Method renderItems Render the items for the selector.
Method __call__ Don't render the radio buttons if only one choice.
Class Method _generateSuggestionVocab Generate a vocabulary for the suggestions.
Method _shouldRenderSuggestions Return True if suggestions should be rendered.
Method _optionId Undocumented
Method _otherId Return the id of the "Other" option.
Method _toFieldValue Convert the form value into the target value.
Method _renderLabel Render a label for the option with the specified index.
Method _renderSuggestionLabel Render a label for the option based on a branch.
Static Method _valueDisplayname Return the displayname for a value.

Inherited from LaunchpadRadioWidget (via SuggestionWidget):

Method _renderItem Undocumented
Method _div Undocumented
def _getSuggestions(context):
def _autoselectOther(self):
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