l.a.b.vocabulary : module documentation

Part of lp.app.browser

Views which export vocabularies as JSON for widgets.
Interface IPickerEntry Additional fields that the vocabulary doesn't provide.
Class PickerEntry See IPickerEntry.
Interface IPickerEntrySource An adapter used to convert vocab terms to picker entries.
Class DefaultPickerEntrySourceAdapter Adapts Interface to IPickerEntrySource.
Function get_person_picker_entry_metadata Return the picker entry meta for a given result value.
Class PersonPickerEntrySourceAdapter Adapts IPerson to IPickerEntrySource.
Class BranchPickerEntrySourceAdapter Adapts IBranch to IPickerEntrySource.
Class TargetPickerEntrySourceAdapter Adapt targets (Product, Package, Distribution) to PickerEntrySource.
Class SourcePackageNamePickerEntrySourceAdapter Adapts ISourcePackageName to IPickerEntrySource.
Class DistributionSourcePackagePickerEntrySourceAdapter Adapts IDistributionSourcePackage to IPickerEntrySource.
Class ProjectGroupPickerEntrySourceAdapter Adapts IProduct to IPickerEntrySource.
Class ProductPickerEntrySourceAdapter Adapts IProduct to IPickerEntrySource.
Class DistributionPickerEntrySourceAdapter No class docstring; 2/2 methods documented
Class ArchivePickerEntrySourceAdapter Adapts IArchive to IPickerEntrySource.
Class HugeVocabularyJSONView Export vocabularies as JSON.
Function vocabulary_filters Undocumented
def get_person_picker_entry_metadata(picker_entry):
Return the picker entry meta for a given result value.
def vocabulary_filters(vocabulary):
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