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Part of lp.app.browser

Wrappers for lazr-js widgets.
Class WidgetBase Useful methods for all widgets.
Class TextWidgetBase Abstract base for the single and multiline text editor widgets.
Class DefinedTagMixin Mixin class to define open and closing tags.
Class TextLineEditorWidget Wrapper for the lazr-js inlineedit/editor.js widget.
Class TextAreaEditorWidget Wrapper for the multine-line lazr-js inlineedit/editor.js widget.
Class InlineEditPickerWidget Wrapper for the lazr-js picker widget.
Class InlinePersonEditPickerWidget No class docstring; 1/6 methods documented
Class InlineMultiCheckboxWidget Wrapper for the lazr-js multicheckbox widget.
Function vocabulary_to_choice_edit_items Convert an enumerable to JSON for a ChoiceEdit.
Function standard_text_html_representation Render a string for html display.
Class BooleanChoiceWidget A ChoiceEdit for a boolean field.
Class EnumChoiceWidget A popup choice widget.
def vocabulary_to_choice_edit_items(vocab, include_description=False, css_class_prefix=None, disabled_items=None, excluded_items=None, as_json=False, name_fn=None, value_fn=None, description_fn=None):
Convert an enumerable to JSON for a ChoiceEdit.
Unknown Field: vocabThe enumeration to iterate over.
Unknown Field: css_class_prefixIf present, append this to an item's value to create the css_class property for it.
Unknown Field: disabled_itemsA list of items that should be displayed, but disabled.
Unknown Field: name_fnA function receiving an item and returning its name.
Unknown Field: value_fnA function receiving an item and returning its value.
def standard_text_html_representation(value, linkify_text=True):
Render a string for html display.

For this we obfuscate email and render as html.

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