b.w.WorkingTreeFormat5(DirStateWorkingTreeFormat) : class documentation

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WorkingTree format supporting content filtering.
Method get_format_string See WorkingTreeFormat.get_format_string().
Method get_format_description See WorkingTreeFormat.get_format_description().
Method supports_content_filtering True if this format supports content filtering.

Inherited from DirStateWorkingTreeFormat:

Method initialize See WorkingTreeFormat.initialize().
Method open Return the WorkingTree object for a_bzrdir
Method _open_control_files Undocumented
Method _init_custom_control_files Subclasses with custom control files should override this method.
Method _open Open the tree itself.
Method __get_matchingbzrdir Undocumented
Method _get_matchingbzrdir Overrideable method to get a bzrdir for testing.

Inherited from WorkingTreeFormat (via DirStateWorkingTreeFormat):

Class Method find_format_string Return format name for the working tree object in controldir.
Class Method find_format Return the format for the working tree object in controldir.
Method __eq__ Undocumented
Method __ne__ Undocumented
Class Method get_default_format Return the current default format.
Method is_supported Is this format supported?
Method supports_views True if this format supports stored views.
Class Method register_format Undocumented
Class Method register_extra_format Undocumented
Class Method unregister_extra_format Undocumented
Class Method get_formats Undocumented
Class Method set_default_format Undocumented
Class Method unregister_format Undocumented
Method get_controldir_for_branch Get the control directory format for creating branches.
def get_format_string(self):
See WorkingTreeFormat.get_format_string().
def get_format_description(self):
See WorkingTreeFormat.get_format_description().
def supports_content_filtering(self):
True if this format supports content filtering.
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