b.workingtree_4 : module documentation

Part of bzrlib

WorkingTree4 format and implementation.

WorkingTree4 provides the dirstate based working tree logic.

To get a WorkingTree, call bzrdir.open_workingtree() or WorkingTree.open(dir).

Class DirStateWorkingTree No class docstring; 46/62 methods documented
Class ContentFilterAwareSHA1Provider No class docstring; 2/3 methods documented
Class ContentFilteringDirStateWorkingTree Dirstate working tree that supports content filtering.
Class WorkingTree4 This is the Format 4 working tree.
Class WorkingTree5 This is the Format 5 working tree.
Class WorkingTree6 This is the Format 6 working tree.
Class DirStateWorkingTreeFormat No class docstring; 5/7 methods documented
Class WorkingTreeFormat4 The first consolidated dirstate working tree format.
Class WorkingTreeFormat5 WorkingTree format supporting content filtering.
Class WorkingTreeFormat6 WorkingTree format supporting views.
Class DirStateRevisionTree A revision tree pulling the inventory from a dirstate.
Class InterDirStateTree Fast path optimiser for changes_from with dirstate trees.
Class Converter3to4 Perform an in-place upgrade of format 3 to format 4 trees.
Class Converter4to5 Perform an in-place upgrade of format 4 to format 5 trees.
Class Converter4or5to6 Perform an in-place upgrade of format 4 or 5 to format 6 trees.
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