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Known subclasses: bzrlib.tests.blackbox.test_push.RedirectingMemoryTransport

This is an in memory file system for transient data storage.
Method __init__ Set the 'base' path where files will be stored.
Method clone See Transport.clone().
Method abspath See Transport.abspath().
Method append_file See Transport.append_file().
Method has See Transport.has().
Method delete See Transport.delete().
Method external_url See bzrlib.transport.Transport.external_url.
Method get See Transport.get().
Method put_file See Transport.put_file().
Method mkdir See Transport.mkdir().
Method open_write_stream See Transport.open_write_stream.
Method listable See Transport.listable.
Method iter_files_recursive Iter the relative paths of files in the transports sub-tree.
Method list_dir See Transport.list_dir().
Method rename Rename a file or directory; fail if the destination exists
Method rmdir See Transport.rmdir.
Method stat See Transport.stat().
Method lock_read See Transport.lock_read().
Method lock_write See Transport.lock_write().
Method _check_parent Undocumented
Method _abspath Generate an internal absolute path.

Inherited from Transport:

Method create_prefix Create all the directories leading down to self.base.
Method ensure_base Ensure that the directory this transport references exists.
Method get_segment_parameters Return the segment parameters for the top segment of the URL.
Method recommended_page_size Return the recommended page size for this transport.
Method relpath Return the local path portion from a given absolute path.
Method local_abspath Return the absolute path on the local filesystem.
Method has_multi Return True/False for each entry in relpaths
Method has_any Return True if any of the paths exist.
Method get_bytes Get a raw string of the bytes for a file at the given location.
Method get_smart_medium Return a smart client medium for this transport if possible.
Method readv Get parts of the file at the given relative path.
Method get_multi Get a list of file-like objects, one for each entry in relpaths.
Method put_bytes Atomically put the supplied bytes into the given location.
Method put_bytes_non_atomic Copy the string into the target location.
Method put_file_non_atomic Copy the file-like object into the target location.
Method mkdir_multi Create a group of directories
Method append_bytes Append bytes to a file at relpath.
Method append_multi Append the text in each file-like or string object to
Method copy Copy the item at rel_from to the location at rel_to.
Method copy_multi Copy a bunch of entries.
Method copy_to Copy a set of entries from self into another Transport.
Method copy_tree Copy a subtree from one relpath to another.
Method copy_tree_to_transport Copy a subtree from one transport to another.
Method move Move the item at rel_from to the location at rel_to.
Method move_multi Move a bunch of entries.
Method move_multi_to Move a bunch of entries to a single location.
Method delete_multi Queue up a bunch of deletes to be done.
Method delete_tree Delete an entire tree. This may require a listable transport.
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method stat_multi Stat multiple files and return the information.
Method readlink Return a string representing the path to which the symbolic link points.
Method hardlink Create a hardlink pointing to source named link_name.
Method symlink Create a symlink pointing to source named link_name.
Method is_readonly Return true if this connection cannot be written to.
Method disconnect Undocumented
Method _translate_error Translate an IOError or OSError into an appropriate bzr error.
Method _pump Most children will need to copy from one file-like
Method _get_total Try to figure out how many entries are in multi,
Method _report_activity Notify that this transport has activity.
Method _update_pb Update the progress bar based on the current count
Method _iterate_over Iterate over all entries in multi, passing them to func,
Method _readv Get parts of the file at the given relative path.
Method _seek_and_read An implementation of readv that uses fp.seek and fp.read.
Method _sort_expand_and_combine Helper for readv.
Static Method _coalesce_offsets Yield coalesced offsets.
Method _can_roundtrip_unix_modebits Return true if this transport can store and retrieve unix modebits.
Method _reuse_for Undocumented
Method _redirected_to Returns a transport suitable to re-issue a redirected request.
def __init__(self, url=''):
Set the 'base' path where files will be stored.
def clone(self, offset=None):
See Transport.clone().
def abspath(self, relpath):
See Transport.abspath().
def append_file(self, relpath, f, mode=None):
See Transport.append_file().
def _check_parent(self, _abspath):
def has(self, relpath):
See Transport.has().
def delete(self, relpath):
See Transport.delete().
def external_url(self):
See bzrlib.transport.Transport.external_url.
def get(self, relpath):
See Transport.get().
def put_file(self, relpath, f, mode=None):
See Transport.put_file().
def mkdir(self, relpath, mode=None):
See Transport.mkdir().
def open_write_stream(self, relpath, mode=None):
See Transport.open_write_stream.
def listable(self):
See Transport.listable.
def iter_files_recursive(self):
Iter the relative paths of files in the transports sub-tree.

NOTE: This only lists files, not subdirectories!

As with other listing functions, only some transports implement this,. you may check via listable() to determine if it will.

def list_dir(self, relpath):
See Transport.list_dir().
def rename(self, rel_from, rel_to):
Rename a file or directory; fail if the destination exists
def rmdir(self, relpath):
See Transport.rmdir.
def stat(self, relpath):
See Transport.stat().
def lock_read(self, relpath):
See Transport.lock_read().
def lock_write(self, relpath):
See Transport.lock_write().
def _abspath(self, relpath):
Generate an internal absolute path.
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