b.t.h._urllib2_wrappers : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.transport.http

Implementaion of urllib2 tailored to bzr needs

This file complements the urllib2 class hierarchy with custom classes.

For instance, we create a new HTTPConnection and HTTPSConnection that inherit from the original urllib2.HTTP(s)Connection objects, but also have a new base which implements a custom getresponse and cleanup_pipe handlers.

And then we implement custom HTTPHandler and HTTPSHandler classes, that use the custom HTTPConnection classes.

We have a custom Response class, which lets us maintain a keep-alive connection even for requests that urllib2 doesn't expect to contain body data.

And a custom Request class that lets us track redirections, and handle authentication schemes.

For coherency with python libraries, we use capitalized header names throughout the code, even if the header names will be titled just before sending the request (see AbstractHTTPHandler.do_open).

Class addinfourl Replacement addinfourl class compatible with python-2.7's xmlrpclib
Class Response Custom HTTPResponse, to avoid the need to decorate.
Class AbstractHTTPConnection A custom HTTP(S) Connection, which can reset itself on a bad response
Class HTTPConnection Undocumented
Class HTTPSConnection Undocumented
Class Request A custom Request object.
Class ConnectionHandler Provides connection-sharing by pre-processing requests.
Class AbstractHTTPHandler A custom handler for HTTP(S) requests.
Class HTTPHandler A custom handler that just thunks into HTTPConnection
Class HTTPSHandler A custom handler that just thunks into HTTPSConnection
Class HTTPRedirectHandler Handles redirect requests.
Class ProxyHandler Handles proxy setting.
Class AbstractAuthHandler A custom abstract authentication handler for all http authentications.
Class NegotiateAuthHandler A authentication handler that handles WWW-Authenticate: Negotiate.
Class BasicAuthHandler A custom basic authentication handler.
Function get_digest_algorithm_impls Undocumented
Function get_new_cnonce Undocumented
Class DigestAuthHandler A custom digest authentication handler.
Class HTTPAuthHandler Custom http authentication handler.
Class ProxyAuthHandler Custom proxy authentication handler.
Class HTTPBasicAuthHandler Custom http basic authentication handler
Class ProxyBasicAuthHandler Custom proxy basic authentication handler
Class HTTPDigestAuthHandler Custom http basic authentication handler
Class ProxyDigestAuthHandler Custom proxy basic authentication handler
Class HTTPNegotiateAuthHandler Custom http negotiate authentication handler
Class ProxyNegotiateAuthHandler Custom proxy negotiate authentication handler
Class HTTPErrorProcessor Process HTTP error responses.
Class HTTPDefaultErrorHandler Translate common errors into bzr Exceptions
Class Opener A wrapper around urllib2.build_opener
Class _ReportingFileSocket Undocumented
Class _ReportingSocket Undocumented
Function _ssl_wrap_socket Undocumented
Class _ConnectRequest No class docstring; 2/3 methods documented
def _ssl_wrap_socket(sock, key_file, cert_file):
def get_digest_algorithm_impls(algorithm):
def get_new_cnonce(nonce, nonce_count):
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