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Method __init__ Constructor
Method get_selector Undocumented
Method set_proxy Set the proxy without remembering the proxied host.

Inherited from Request:

Method get_method Undocumented
def __init__(self, request):
Parametersrequestthe first request sent to the proxied host, already processed by the opener (i.e. proxied_host is already set).
def get_selector(self):
def set_proxy(self, proxy, type):
Set the proxy without remembering the proxied host.

We already know the proxied host by definition, the CONNECT request occurs only when the connection goes through a proxy. The usual processing (masquerade the request so that the connection is done to the proxy while the request is targeted at another host) does not apply here. In fact, the connection is already established with proxy and we just want to enable the SSL tunneling.

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