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A dummy repo.
Method __init__ instantiate a Repository.

Inherited from Repository:

Method abort_write_group Commit the contents accrued within the current write group.
Method add_fallback_repository Add a repository to use for looking up data not held locally.
Method all_revision_ids Returns a list of all the revision ids in the repository.
Method break_lock Break a lock if one is present from another instance.
Static Method create Construct the current default format repository in controldir.
Method user_transport Undocumented
Method control_transport Undocumented
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method has_same_location Returns a boolean indicating if this repository is at the same
Method is_in_write_group Return True if there is an open write group.
Method is_locked Undocumented
Method is_write_locked Return True if this object is write locked.
Method lock_write Lock this repository for writing.
Method lock_read Lock the repository for read operations.
Method get_physical_lock_status Undocumented
Method leave_lock_in_place Tell this repository not to release the physical lock when this
Method dont_leave_lock_in_place Tell this repository to release the physical lock when this
Method gather_stats Gather statistics from a revision id.
Method find_branches Find branches underneath this repository.
Method search_missing_revision_ids Return the revision ids that other has that this does not.
Static Method open Open the repository rooted at base.
Method copy_content_into Make a complete copy of the content in self into destination.
Method commit_write_group Commit the contents accrued within the current write group.
Method suspend_write_group Undocumented
Method refresh_data Re-read any data needed to synchronise with disk.
Method resume_write_group Undocumented
Method fetch Fetch the content required to construct revision_id from source.
Method create_bundle Undocumented
Method get_commit_builder Obtain a CommitBuilder for this repository.
Method unlock Undocumented
Method clone Clone this repository into controldir using the current format.
Method start_write_group Start a write group in the repository.
Method sprout Create a descendent repository for new development.
Method has_revision True if this repository has a copy of the revision.
Method has_revisions Probe to find out the presence of multiple revisions.
Method get_revision Return the Revision object for a named revision.
Method get_revision_reconcile 'reconcile' helper routine that allows access to a revision always.
Method get_revisions Get many revisions at once.
Method get_deltas_for_revisions Produce a generator of revision deltas.
Method get_revision_delta Return the delta for one revision.
Method store_revision_signature Undocumented
Method add_signature_text Store a signature text for a revision.
Method iter_files_bytes Iterate through file versions.
Method get_rev_id_for_revno Return the revision id of a revno, given a later (revno, revid)
Method iter_reverse_revision_history Iterate backwards through revision ids in the lefthand history
Method is_shared Return True if this repository is flagged as a shared repository.
Method reconcile Reconcile this repository.
Method revision_tree Return Tree for a revision on this branch.
Method revision_trees Return Trees for revisions in this repository.
Method get_ancestry Return a list of revision-ids integrated by a revision.
Method pack Compress the data within the repository.
Method get_transaction Undocumented
Method get_parent_map See graph.StackedParentsProvider.get_parent_map
Method get_known_graph_ancestry Return the known graph for a set of revision ids and their ancestors.
Method get_file_graph Return the graph walker for files.
Method get_graph Return the graph walker for this repository format
Method revision_ids_to_search_result Convert a set of revision ids to a graph SearchResult.
Method set_make_working_trees Set the policy flag for making working trees when creating branches.
Method make_working_trees Returns the policy for making working trees on new branches.
Method sign_revision Undocumented
Method verify_revision Verify the signature on a revision.
Method has_signature_for_revision_id Query for a revision signature for revision_id in the repository.
Method get_signature_text Return the text for a signature.
Method check Check consistency of all history of given revision_ids.
Method supports_rich_root Undocumented
Method _abort_write_group Template method for per-repository write group cleanup.
Method _check_fallback_repository Check that this repository can fallback to repository safely.
Method _all_revision_ids Returns a list of all the revision ids in the repository.
Method _has_same_fallbacks Returns true if the repositories have the same fallbacks.
Method _commit_write_group Template method for per-repository write group cleanup.
Method _resume_write_group Undocumented
Method _start_write_group Template method for per-repository write group startup.
Method _create_sprouting_repo Undocumented
Method _find_parent_ids_of_revisions Find all parent ids that are mentioned in the revision graph.
Method _refresh_data Helper called from lock_* to ensure coherency with disk.
Method _get_parent_map_no_fallbacks Same as Repository.get_parent_map except doesn't query fallbacks.
Method _make_parents_provider Undocumented
Method _make_parents_provider_unstacked Undocumented
Method _check Undocumented
Method _warn_if_deprecated Undocumented
Method _check_ascii_revisionid Private helper for ascii-only repositories.

Inherited from _RelockDebugMixin (via Repository):

Method _note_lock Undocumented
def __init__(self, dir):
instantiate a Repository.
Parameters_formatThe format of the repository on disk.
controldirThe ControlDir of the repository.
control_filesControl files to use for locking, etc.
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