b.t.test_bzrdir : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.tests

Tests for the BzrDir facility and any format specific tests.

For interface contract tests, see tests/per_bzr_dir.

Class TestDefaultFormat Undocumented
Class DeprecatedBzrDirFormat A deprecated bzr dir format.
Class TestFormatRegistry Undocumented
Class SampleBranch A dummy branch for guess what, dummy use.
Class SampleRepository A dummy repo.
Class SampleBzrDir A sample BzrDir implementation to allow testing static methods.
Class SampleBzrDirFormat A sample format
Class BzrDirFormatTest1 Undocumented
Class BzrDirFormatTest2 Undocumented
Class TestBzrDirFormat Tests for the BzrDirFormat facility.
Class TestRepositoryAcquisitionPolicy No class docstring; 1/17 methods documented
Class ChrootedTests A support class that provides readonly urls outside the local namespace.
Class TestMissingRepoBranchesSkipped Undocumented
Class TestMeta1DirFormat Tests specific to the meta1 dir format.
Class NonLocalTests Tests for bzrdir static behaviour on non local paths.
Class TestHTTPRedirections Test redirection between two http servers.
Class TestHTTPRedirections_urllib Tests redirections for urllib implementation
Class TestHTTPRedirections_pycurl Tests redirections for pycurl implementation
Class TestHTTPRedirections_nosmart Tests redirections for the nosmart decorator
Class TestHTTPRedirections_readonly Tests redirections for readonly decoratror
Class TestDotBzrHidden Undocumented
Class TestBzrDirSprout No class docstring; 1/2 methods documented
Class TestBzrDirHooks Undocumented
Class TestGenerateBackupName Undocumented
Class TestMeta1DirColoFormat Tests specific to the meta1 dir with colocated branches format.
Class _TestBzrDirFormat Test BzrDirFormat implementation for TestBzrDirSprout.
Class _TestBzrDir Test BzrDir implementation for TestBzrDirSprout.
Class _TestBranchFormat Test Branch format for TestBzrDirSprout.
Class _TestBranch Test Branch implementation for TestBzrDirSprout.
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