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An test bzr dir implementation
Method needs_format_conversion See BzrDir.needs_format_conversion().

Inherited from BzrDirMeta1:

Method can_convert_format See BzrDir.can_convert_format().
Method create_branch See BzrDir.create_branch.
Method destroy_branch See BzrDir.create_branch.
Method create_repository See BzrDir.create_repository.
Method destroy_repository See BzrDir.destroy_repository.
Method create_workingtree See BzrDir.create_workingtree.
Method destroy_workingtree See BzrDir.destroy_workingtree.
Method destroy_workingtree_metadata Destroy the control files for the working tree at this ControlDir.
Method find_branch_format Find the branch 'format' for this bzrdir.
Method get_branch_reference See BzrDir.get_branch_reference().
Method get_branch_transport See BzrDir.get_branch_transport().
Method get_repository_transport See BzrDir.get_repository_transport().
Method get_workingtree_transport See BzrDir.get_workingtree_transport().
Method has_workingtree Tell if this bzrdir contains a working tree.
Method open_branch See BzrDir.open_branch.
Method open_repository See BzrDir.open_repository.
Method open_workingtree See BzrDir.open_workingtree.
Method _get_mkdir_mode Figure out the mode to use when creating a bzrdir subdir.
Method _get_config By default, no configuration is available.

Inherited from BzrDir (via BzrDirMeta1):

Method break_lock Invoke break_lock on the first object in the bzrdir.
Method check_conversion_target Check that a bzrdir as a whole can be converted to a new format.
Method clone_on_transport Clone this bzrdir and its contents to transport verbatim.
Method determine_repository_policy Return an object representing a policy to use.
Method sprout Create a copy of this controldir prepared for use as a new line of
Method generate_backup_name Undocumented
Method backup_bzrdir Backup this bzr control directory.
Method retire_bzrdir Permanently disable the bzrdir.
Method find_repository Find the repository that should be used.
Method get_config Get configuration for this BzrDir.
Method __init__ Initialize a Bzr control dir object.
Method user_transport Undocumented
Method control_transport Undocumented
Method is_control_filename True if filename is the name of a path which is reserved for bzrdir's.
Method cloning_metadir Produce a metadir suitable for cloning or sprouting with.
Class Method create Create a new BzrDir at the url 'base'.
Method _make_tail Undocumented
Method _find_or_create_repository Create a new repository if needed, returning the repository.
Method _find_source_repo Find the source branch and repo for a sprout operation.
Method _sprout Undocumented
Method _available_backup_name Find a non-existing backup file name based on base.
Method _find_containing Find something in a containing control directory.
Method _find_creation_modes Determine the appropriate modes for files and directories.
Method _get_file_mode Return Unix mode for newly created files, or None.
Method _get_dir_mode Return Unix mode for newly created directories, or None.
Method _cloning_metadir Produce a metadir suitable for cloning with.

Inherited from ControlDir (via BzrDirMeta1, BzrDir):

Method list_branches Return a sequence of all branches local to this control directory.
Method has_branch Tell if this controldir contains a branch.
Method checkout_metadir Produce a metadir suitable for checkouts of this controldir.
Method push_branch Push the source branch into this ControlDir.
Method clone Clone this controldir and its contents to url verbatim.
Class Method find_bzrdirs Find control dirs recursively from current location.
Class Method find_branches Find all branches under a transport.
Class Method create_branch_and_repo Create a new ControlDir, Branch and Repository at the url 'base'.
Class Method create_branch_convenience Create a new ControlDir, Branch and Repository at the url 'base'.
Class Method create_standalone_workingtree Create a new ControlDir, WorkingTree, Branch and Repository at 'base'.
Class Method open_unsupported Open a branch which is not supported.
Class Method open Open an existing controldir, rooted at 'base' (url).
Class Method open_from_transport Open a controldir within a particular directory.
Class Method open_containing Open an existing branch which contains url.
Class Method open_containing_from_transport Open an existing branch which contains a_transport.base.
Class Method open_tree_or_branch Return the branch and working tree at a location.
Class Method open_containing_tree_or_branch Return the branch and working tree contained by a location.
Class Method open_containing_tree_branch_or_repository Return the working tree, branch and repo contained by a location.
Method _get_selected_branch Return the name of the branch selected by the user.
Method _get_tree_branch Return the branch and tree, if any, for this controldir.

Inherited from ControlComponent (via BzrDirMeta1, BzrDir, ControlDir):

Method control_url Undocumented
Method user_url Undocumented
def needs_format_conversion(self, format):
See BzrDir.needs_format_conversion().
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