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Part of bzrlib.tests

Black-box tests for bzr.

These check that it behaves properly when it's invoked through the regular command-line interface. This doesn't actually run a new interpreter but rather starts again from the run_bzr function.

Module test_add Tests of the 'bzr add' command.
Module test_added Black-box tests for 'bzr added', which shows newly-added files.
Module test_alias Tests of the 'bzr alias' command.
Module test_aliases Black-box tests for bzr aliases.
Module test_ancestry Undocumented
Module test_annotate Black-box tests for bzr.
Module test_bound_branches Tests of bound branches (binding, unbinding, commit, etc) command.
Module test_branch Black-box tests for bzr branch.
Module test_branches Black-box tests for bzr branches.
Module test_break_lock Tests for lock-breaking user interface
Module test_bundle_info Undocumented
Module test_cat Black-box tests for bzr cat.
Module test_cat_revision Undocumented
Module test_check Tests for the 'check' CLI command.
Module test_checkout Tests for the 'checkout' CLI command.
Module test_clean_tree Tests of the 'bzr clean-tree' command.
Module test_command_encoding Tests for the Command.encoding_type interface.
Module test_commit Tests for the commit CLI of bzr.
Module test_config Black-box tests for bzr config.
Module test_conflicts No module docstring; 2/3 classes, 0/1 functions documented
Module test_debug Blackbox tests for -D debug options
Module test_deleted Black-box tests for 'bzr deleted', which shows newly deleted files.
Module test_diff Black-box tests for bzr diff.
Module test_dpush Black-box tests for bzr dpush.
Module test_dump_btree Tests of the 'bzr dump-btree' command.
Module test_exceptions Tests for display of exceptions.
Module test_export Black-box tests for bzr export.
Module test_export_pot External tests of 'bzr export-pot'
Module test_filesystem_cicp Tests variations of case-insensitive and case-preserving file-systems.
Module test_filtered_view_ops Tests that an enabled view is reported and impacts expected commands.
Module test_find_merge_base Undocumented
Module test_help Black-box tests for bzr help.
Module test_hooks Tests for commands related to hooks
Module test_ignore UI tests for bzr ignore.
Module test_ignored Tests of the 'bzr ignored' command.
Module test_info Tests for the info command of bzr.
Module test_init Test 'bzr init'
Module test_inventory Black-box tests for 'bzr inventory'.
Module test_join Undocumented
Module test_locale Test that bzr handles locales in a reasonable way
Module test_log Black-box tests for bzr log.
Module test_logformats Black-box tests for default log_formats/log_formatters
Module test_lookup_revision Black-box tests for bzr lookup-revision.
Module test_ls External tests of 'bzr ls'
Module test_lsprof Undocumented
Module test_merge Black-box tests for bzr merge.
Module test_merge_directive Undocumented
Module test_missing Black-box tests for bzr missing.
Module test_modified Black-box tests for 'bzr modified', which shows modified files.
Module test_mv Test for 'bzr mv'
Module test_nick Black-box tests for bzr nick.
Module test_non_ascii Black-box tests for bzr handling non-ascii characters.
Module test_outside_wt Black-box tests for running bzr outside of a working tree.
Module test_pack Tests of the 'bzr pack' command.
Module test_pull Black-box tests for bzr pull.
Module test_push Black-box tests for bzr push.
Module test_re_sign Black-box tests for bzr re-sign.
Module test_reconcile Black box tests for the reconcile command.
Module test_reconfigure Undocumented
Module test_reference Undocumented
Module test_remember_option No module docstring; 1/4 classes documented
Module test_remerge Undocumented
Module test_remove Undocumented
Module test_remove_tree Black-box tests for bzr remove-tree.
Module test_repair_workingtree Undocumented
Module test_resolve Undocumented
Module test_revert Black-box tests for bzr revert.
Module test_revision_history Undocumented
Module test_revision_info Undocumented
Module test_revno Black-box tests for bzr revno.
Module test_rmbranch Black-box tests for bzr rmbranch.
Module test_script Blacbox tests for the test-script command.
Module test_selftest UI tests for the test framework.
Module test_send Undocumented
Module test_serve Tests of the bzr serve command.
Module test_shared_repository Black-box tests for repositories with shared branches
Module test_shelve Undocumented
Module test_sign_my_commits Black-box tests for bzr sign-my-commits.
Module test_split Undocumented
Module test_status Tests of status command.
Module test_switch Tests for the switch command of bzr.
Module test_tags Tests for commands related to tags
Module test_testament Blackbox tests for the 'bzr testament' command
Module test_too_much Black-box tests for bzr.
Module test_uncommit Test the uncommit command.
Module test_unknowns Black-box tests for 'bzr unknowns', which shows unknown files.
Module test_update Tests for the update command of bzr.
Module test_upgrade Black box tests for the upgrade ui.
Module test_version Black-box tests for bzr version.
Module test_version_info Blackbox tests for version_info
Module test_versioning Tests of simple versioning operations
Module test_view Tests for the view command
Module test_whoami Black-box tests for bzr whoami.

From the __init__.py module:

Class ExternalBase Don't use this class anymore, use TestCaseWithTransport or similar
Function load_tests Undocumented
def load_tests(basic_tests, module, loader):
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