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Bzr 1.2+ - get parent data for revisions during a graph search.
Method do_repository_request Get parent details for some revisions.
Method do_body Process the current search state and perform the parent lookup.
Method _expand_requested_revs Undocumented
Method _do_repository_request Undocumented

Inherited from SmartServerRepositoryRequest:

Method do Execute a repository request.
Method recreate_search Recreate a search from its serialised form.
Method recreate_search_from_recipe Recreate a specific revision search (vs a from-tip search).

Inherited from SmartServerRequest (via SmartServerRepositoryRequest):

Method __init__ Constructor.
Method execute Public entry point to execute this request.
Method do_chunk Called with each body chunk if the request has a streamed body.
Method do_end Called when the end of the request has been received.
Method setup_jail Undocumented
Method teardown_jail Undocumented
Method translate_client_path Translate a path received from a network client into a local
Method transport_from_client_path Get a backing transport corresponding to the location referred to by
Method _check_enabled Raises DisabledMethod if this method is disabled.
def do_repository_request(self, repository, *revision_ids):
Get parent details for some revisions.

All the parents for revision_ids are returned. Additionally up to 64KB of additional parent data found by performing a breadth first search from revision_ids is returned. The verb takes a body containing the current search state, see do_body for details.

If 'include-missing:' is in revision_ids, ghosts encountered in the graph traversal for getting parent data are included in the result with a prefix of 'missing:'.

ParametersrepositoryThe repository to query in.
revision_idsThe utf8 encoded revision_id to answer for.
def do_body(self, body_bytes):
Process the current search state and perform the parent lookup.
ReturnsA smart server response where the body contains an utf8 encoded flattened list of the parents of the revisions (the same format as Repository.get_revision_graph) which has been bz2 compressed.
def _expand_requested_revs(self, repo_graph, revision_ids, client_seen_revs, include_missing, max_size=65536):
def _do_repository_request(self, body_bytes):
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